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Judith Ann Miller

Class of 1972

Awarded in 1997
25th Reunion Award

Judith Ann Miller: public servant, legal authority, Beloit trustee, sister of Phi Sigma Iota in the Silver Anniversary Class of 1972.  At a moment in history when security issues, international realignments, and superpower responsibilities are challenged as quickly as they are defined, you play a critical role in reminding us always that, in John Winthrop’s words, “liberty is the proper end and object of authority.”  After a successful career as a respected Washington litigator, you have returned to the challenges of the public sector where you began your legal work.  As chief legal counsel to the Defense Department at a time when the traditional role of our military is evolving into such areas as nation-building, narcotics control, pursuit of war criminals and increased attention to crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, you are breaking important new ground in the intricate and growing field of security law.  We are proud to know that those lessons you  learned first in Professor Paul Pollock’s constitutional law class, and later from your leadership experience as head resident of Porter Hall, are now helping to set our nation’s course into the new world order.

In recognition of your extraordinary service to this College, as a trustee and advisor, and to your nation and your profession, we are honored to present you, on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of your graduation from Beloit College, the 1997 Alumni Association Distinguished Service Citation.