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Jean E. Koehler

Class of 1943

Awarded in1978

A chemistry major who praises Beloit for providing its students with a diversified background of knowledge, you also testify that your educational experiences here have made it possible for you to move into related areas and to grow with new fields. You have been engaged in public health work since 1949, when you joined the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene as a bacteriologist after service as a U.S. Forest Products chemist. A specialist in the diagnostic areas of microbiology, you were a pioneer in immunology as it is known today and became a supervisor in the immunohematology unit. In probing the mysteries of science, you have been involved in assignments dealing with the Rh factor in blood, genetic studies and identification of anti-bodies of various infectious diseases. You have also been active in civic affairs, serving as president of the Madison Business and Professional Women’s Club, as a teacher, deacon and Christian education board member for your church, as a hospital volunteer and as a Civics Club member. It is with special pride that Beloit recognizes your professional and community accomplishments by awarding you this Citation.