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Jamey Brumfield'92

Class of 1992

Awarded in 2017
25th Reunion Award

The Beloit College Alumni Association is pleased to award the Distinguished Service Citation to Jamey Brumfield, class of 1992, on this, her 25th Reunion.

Jamey was destined to be a Beloiter early in life. She was encouraged by her second grade teacher and alumna Susan McClellan’63 to attend the college. Susan described her as “one of the brightest children I ever had the privilege of teaching. I remember Jamey as exceptionally empathetic and kind to others. She was the kind of student who was always enthusiastic and had a smile on her face. I always felt she was a child the world would hear from someday.”

McClellan was right. While at Beloit, Jamey honed her interests in communications and computers by reporting for The Round Table and completing an Honors Term with Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Darrah Chavey. She also became quite infamous for throwing a funeral-themed birthday party, complete with a full-sized casket.

After graduating and working in the video and film industry, she and her husband, David Birdwell’94, started Your Plan B, their own web design company, in 1997.

Awarded the Warren Miller Blue Skies Award at her Commencement, Jamey has never lost her “good cheer and good-natured perspective,” particularly toward her alma mater. Beloit has not faded into her rearview mirror since the day she walked across the Commencement stage. She has continued to be actively involved in the Beloit community by serving on the Alumni Board of Directors for nearly 10 years, hosting numerous Beloiters Unite events in the Chicago area, serving as a Giving Day ambassador, and liking and sharing every Beloit College post on social media.

For her commitment to the college and for widely sharing her good cheer and Beloiter pride with the world, the Alumni Association is thrilled to count Jamey Brumfield among the accomplished Beloit alumni who have received the Alumni Association’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Citation.