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Jai Balkissoon

Class of 1980

Awarded in 2005
25th Reunion Award

Surgeon, researcher, and member of the class of 1980, Jai Balkissoon is breaking new ground in cancer treatment. Along with his wife, he has devoted his career to the prevention of cancer and the treatment and cure of adult and pediatric cancer patients. Dr. Balkissoon was clear on his priorities before coming to Beloit. He noted in his application that he had written a research paper on cholesterol and intended to do more of the same. With his Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Phi Beta Kappa key from Beloit, he completed his medical training at Howard University Medical College and his residency at Howard and at the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health. He is a man who has truly found joy in caring for others and providing the support and intensive care for those at the most critical moments of their lives. Clearly influenced by his physician father and inspired by his mother, his devotion for the well-being of patients has made him a critical contributor to the continuing advancement of cancer care. He came to Beloit with a desire to set a career in motion in medicine and to become a better trumpet player and a good athlete. He continues today in all of these areas and sets an example for both his professional colleagues and for students entering their studies. The Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to confer upon Jai Balkissoon, on this, the 25th anniversary of his graduation, its highest award, the Distinguished Service Citation.