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Albert R. and Lois Malone Hough

hough.jpgClass of 1942

Awarded in 2008
At Large Award

Three score and seven years ago, Al and Lois Malone Hough, of the class of 1942, brought forth upon this College a third generation of leadership, dedicated to the proposition that the endurance of Beloit College was worthy of their devotion and resolve. Since that time, living in nearby Janesville, they have dedicated themselves to Beloit College, playing a critical role in both leadership and in the inspiration of others. Their sense of history has included the world of business, with the continuity of the century-old Hough Shade Company and its transformation into HUFCOR Manufacturing, and the restoration of the vintage Wisconsin Wagon Company, building the classic Janesville Coaster Wagon, where the only employment requirement is retirement. They have made a lifetime commitment to civic, church and professional activities in their community, but it is at Beloit College, where they have confirmed their place in history. Enhancing a legacy that includes grandparents, parents, and even Al’s uncle, Professor Philip B. Whitehead, they have served as class agents, alumni board members, class officers, generous donors, and in other leadership roles advancing campus initiatives that have assured our future. The Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to honor Al and Lois Malone Hough, of the class of 1942, with the highest award they can offer, the Beloit Distinguished Service Citation, on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of their graduation.