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Janine Geske

Class of 1971

Awarded in 2002

Janine Geske, a counselor, a mediator and a community leader with a clear personal vision.  From her earliest days at Beloit College where she was a member of Mortar Board, a class officer and a recognized leader, she has been seeking right solutions.  As a judge on Wisconsin’s highest court, she set standards of fairness, dignity, and intellectual vigor.  Even more so, when she stepped down from the bench, she did so to look into the eyes of those in need and address the needs of all the people of Wisconsin in a more direct manner.  In a time of takers, she is a giver; in a time of arrogance and conflict, she has been a quiet and calm voice of reason and understanding.  In a time of talkers, she has found her greatest contribution to be in listening.  We are proud of the roles she has played in assuring justice and opportunity to the citizens of Wisconsin, and we are honored to present Janine Geske with the Alumni Association’s highest award, the Distinguished Service Citation.