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Horace William Gerarde

Class of 1940

Scientist – Inventor

Your devotion to the cause of science, specifically chemistry, was apparent to your classmates of twenty-five years ago. The honors and accolades you have since achieved in this field therefore come as no surprise to them.  Following a period of teaching at Beloit, you went on to studies leading to both the MD and PhD degrees.  You achieved world-wide fame in the field of industrial toxicology in your position with the Esso Research and Engineering Company.  You also achieved academic honors as a faculty member of Rutgers University, the Medical School of New York University, and the School of Public Health of Harvard University.  You were sent to Russia but the United States Public Health Service to study new discoveries in toxicology.  You have written some forty papers of scientific importance and some of you r books have been published in Europe as well as this country.  Your invention of a device to be used in testing human blood has brought you further fame and the grateful appreciation of your fellow man.  As you return to the familiar campus where you chose your wife as well as your career, the College and your fellow-alumni are pleased to present you with this Distinguished Service Citation.