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Edward Dwight Gates


The Beloit College 168th commencement will take place on Sunday, May 20 beginning at 11 a.m. CST. We are planning to hold the ceremony outside. At the moment, the weather looks to be a bit chilly with a chance of rain, so please plan on bringing an umbrella. More information about the ceremony and full schedule of events is available on the commencement website. Also, for those unable to attend, we will live stream the ceremony at, and the recording will be made available via our YouTube channel after the event has ended. 

Congratulations to the Beloit College Class of 2018!

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Class of 1943

College President  - Minister

Educator – responsible citizen – clergyman – civic leader – author – speaker; all of these descriptions readily  apply to you.  Your distinguished career during the last quarter-century bears out a high school administrator’s prediction that you were destined for a “brilliant future” as a leader. From Student Body president and Round Table editor at Beloit, you have progressed successfully from naval chaplain to Presbyterian minister to college general secretary to the president of Beaver College in Pennsylvania.  Your efforts to bring about “a better understanding of the American way of life” have brought you six Freedom Foundation awards and the D.A.R.’s first Award of Merit for an adult.

Your colleagues in higher education have tapped you for key national assignments, including service as chairman of the Board of the Council of Protestant Colleges and Universities and as a member of the Executive Committee of the Presbyterian College Union.  Beloit College is honored to present you with this Distinguished Service Citation as it Class of 1943, of which you are the secretary, marks it Silver Reunion Anniversary.