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Milan Derbyshire Fiske

Class of 1937

Research Physicist

Son of the city of Beloit, you have risen high in the ranks of research physicists by probing the mysteries in the depths of temperature.  As early as 1946, five years after obtaining your Ph.D. degree at the University of Wisconsin, you established the low temperature laboratory of General Electric and have recently returned to full time research in that field after several years of managing personnel in that company‚Äôs research laboratories.  Holder of some twenty patents, author of an equal number of technical papers, speaker and participant in many international conferences all on the subject of extreme cold, you have returned to a warm welcome by your classmates as the Class of 1937 celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of its departure from Beloit.  Your alma mater welcomes this opportunity to recognize your achievements and your exemplary life in the form of this Distinguished Service Citation.