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Elizabeth Kaatz Mooney

Class of 1948

Awarded in 1973

Buoyed by an early fascination with scientific research and supported by a philosophy that one serves oneself and society best by pursuing a specific subject of interest to its greatest depths, you have provided dedicated service as a teacher, consultant, author and lecturer.  Your primary interest always has been youth, from your high-school teaching days and institutional psychotherapeutic work to your current roles as research associate in psychological services at Indiana University‚Äôs Institute for Sex Research and teacher in its School of Education.  While your broad experience ranges from the clinical to the instructional, you readily admit that teaching is your joy and reward for all the hours spent in interpretation of computer printout and that your students keep your energy cells charged.  Educational director of the Monroe County Planned Parenthood unit, you are also a weaver, gardener and lover of life in general.  Because of your wisdom, compassion and humanistic sense, Beloit College is honored to present you this Distinguished Service Citation, the first to be awarded to a member of your Class.