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Ed Hoerr

eh_dsc07.jpgClass of 1957

Awarded in 2007
50th Reunion Award

Businessman, community leader, and member of the golden jubilee class of 1957, Ed Hoerr holds a special place in the history of Beloit College. He has left an enduring mark of achievement on this institution as one of only three graduates--including Edward Dwight Eaton of the class of 1872, and Irving Maurer of the class of 1904--to serve as President. He is the only Beloit president to prepare for his leadership by presiding over the Buccaneer football team, by advising President Upton as a member of the Turtle Mound Society, and by serving as president of his class. He guided his beloved alma mater with energy and enthusiasm as interim president, chairman of the board of trustees, and as chairman of the Sesquicentennial Campaign. As he served his native community of Peoria, Illinois, he also provided critical leadership at the dawn of Beloit 2000, helping to inspire the projects that have transformed this community into Wisconsin’s welcoming blooming gateway city of today. Those of us who bask in the glory and strength that is Beloit College can say to him “Well done, oh good and faithful servant.” We sincerely thank Ed Hoerr for his commitment to Beloit and on this, his 50 th reunion, the Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to bestow upon him its highest award, the Beloit College Alumni Association Distinguished Service Citation.