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Adolph Dubs

Class of 1942

Diplomat – Soviet Authority

A boyhood ambition to enter government service, strengthened by a political science background at Beloit, has materialized in your dedicated service as a career diplomat over the last 23 years.  Your days as a student have never really ended, for your often trying and grueling duty constantly places you in new situations, requiring you to be a keen observer of international affairs and an astute interpreter of domestic and foreign relations.  The success you have achieved in carrying out this responsibility has earned you “Who’s Who” listing and meritorious and superior honor awards from the State Department of the United States government.  As the director of the Department’s Office of Soviet Union Affairs, you soon will complete the senior seminar in foreign policy and then are scheduled to be deputy chief of mission in Moscow.  Through earlier assignments in Germany, Monrovia, Canada, Russia and Yugoslavia, you brought great distinction to the vocation of foreign service and continued a great tradition established in recent decades by graduates of Beloit College.  In recognition of your outstanding service to our country and our friends abroad, your Alma Mater proudly awards you this Distinguished Service Citation.