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Douglas B. Baily

Class of 1959

Awarded in 1990

As befits a liberal arts graduate, you have worn many hats, both in the private and public sector and in the field of recreation, since your graduation for Beloit with a Bachelor of Science degree. Ironically, you have been on both sides of the energy business in the three decades you’ve been associated with natural resources in Alaska – first in the early stages of your post-college career as a petroleum corporation exploration geologist there, then just last year as the state attorney general deeply involved in directing its legal response to the Exxon-Valdez incident which some have termed the worst oil disaster in North American history. After receiving a law degree for the University of Illinois in 1964, you returned to Alaska to work as an assistant attorney general and later as state district attorney in Anchorage before receiving a presidential appointment in 1969 as US Attorney there. During a subsequent 17-year private law practice, you  headed the Alaska Judicial Council and chaired the State Parole Board prior to brief service as director of international fisheries affairs,  an assignment that was interrupted in February 1989 by your gubernatorial appointment as attorney general. An accomplished sailor, you are a licensed assistant guide and holder of a US Coast Guard license as master of near coastal vessels up to 50 tons. Beloit College takes great pride in recognizing your diversified accomplishments and effective public service by presenting you this Distinguished Service Citation.