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Jay Norwood Darling

Class of 1900

Cartoonist, Naturalist, Civic Leader

Bachelor of Arts, Beloit 1900; Doctor of Literature, 1925; Honorary Doctor of Law, Drake; Reporter, cartoonist, Sioux City Journal 1901-1906. Cartoonist, Des Moines Register 1906 to date, and New York Herald Tribune Syndicate; Chief of Biological Survey U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1934-35.  President, General Wildlife Federation.  Trustee, Grinnell College. Phi Beta Kappa.  Prominent in civic planning and betterment.  Prize winner of the coveted Pulitzer Prize.  Barton Braley said of you in 1944:

     Wise, tolerant but never placid,

      His humor can be sharp as acid.

      To burn the hide off snide and fakers,

      Crooks, stuffed shirts, heels and mischief makers.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Alumni Council, I take pleasure in presenting you this Citation for Distinguished Service.