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Archie S Crawford

Class of 1921

50th Reunion Award

College Administrator

Young people in the Middle East have been the major benefactor of your dedicated career in educational administration the past 50 years.  Born in Syria, the son of American missionaries, you developed a keen interest in education when your father became a professor at the American University of Beirut.  Upon graduation from Beloit, you returned to Beirut, as a university instructor and graduate student and later as a presidential aide and assistant treasurer.  In 1936, you were named principal of the International College, the university’s preparatory school.  You rejoined the university as acting president in 1947, a post you filled several times while administrative vice president until your retirement in 1964.  Since then, you have performed similar duties at International College.  Holder of Lebanon’s coveted Order of Cedar, officer rank, you have been a YMCA board member and church councilman.  Beloit College recognizes your outstanding accomplishments by awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation as you return for the Golden Anniversary Reunion of your Class.