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Arthur W. Crawford

Class of 1906

Few men ever attain the success you achieved pursuing two careers. After graduating from Beloit, you were a Chicago journalist with the legislature and city, state and national political campaigns as your “beats.”  Transferred to Washington in 1917, you managed the Chicago Tribune bureau for 12 years and represented financial and trade journals. Your interest in economic matters opened a new career, and you eventually became a staff specialist in money, banking and public and international finance for the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and fiscal expert for the Tax Foundation.  You made time to take night courses at American University for nine years and earn masters and doctorate degrees, and you attended the World Monetary and Economic Conference in London in 1934 and the 44-nation Bretton Woods parley a decade later.  Active in retirement, you are a 53-year veteran of the Washington Press Club and hold the longest membership tenure in the Cleveland Park Congregational Church.  Beloit College proudly presents this citation to you.