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Craig Heiser

Class of 1964

Awarded in 2014

In the 50 years since Craig Heiser graduated from Beloit College, he’s earned his MBA and moved out West where he’s had a successful career in finance and consulting. Despite the half century that has gone by and a distance of 1,700 miles, Beloit has remained an integral part of Craig’s life.

Commended for his efficient and dedicated leadership and service, Craig is a former president of the Beloit College Alumni Association and one of Beloit’s longest running class agents. In the role of class agent, Craig wholeheartedly fulfills his duties, among them, planning reunions and reaching out to classmates to ask them for their financial support and participation at events. Keeping in contact with fellow Beloiters is especially important to Craig who, in recent years, began organizing annual Phi Kappa Psi reunions.

Besides making lifelong friends in Phi Kappa Psi, Craig ran track and cross country and served as a business manager for The Round Table during his time at Beloit. After graduating in 1964 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, he went on to Northwestern University where he earned an MBA in finance. Though friends describe him as outgoing, conversational, and the life of the party, they also remember him as a focused, studious, and responsible student.

Craig began his career as a financial executive at the Ingersoll Milling Machine Company in nearby Rockford, Ill., but he eventually settled in Phoenix. He is currently a partner at Wolfe Consulting Group, a company that provides healthcare consultation to physicians and dentists.

Throughout the course of his career, Craig was always happy to take the time to support Beloit. He’s made contributions to the Beloiter Fund (annual fund) in addition to the construction of the new Karris Track & Field at Strong Stadium and the establishment of an economics chair. He’s also hosted events in Phoenix and Scottsdale in support of Beloit, offered career advice to Beloit students, and served as the Dallas chairman for a Beloit Capital Campaign.

For his lifelong dedication, support, and commitment to his alma mater, the Beloit College Alumni Association is pleased to present Craig Heiser with its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Citation.