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James Benson

Class of 1893

Respecter of Truth

Beloit is fortunate in having, as its oldest living graduate, one who so thoroughly exemplifies the best of what your alma mater has been teaching since its earliest days.  You served the cause of God and humanity for fifty-four years in only two Presbyterian parishes, both of which have given evidence of their deep affection for you and appreciation of your work.  Returning to your alma mater a year ago as the oldest graduate, you expressed your appreciation of your college most succinctly – “Our mother, Beloit, gave us something very serviceable and important in these difficult days – respect for the truth” – Your expression, in fact, was so fitting the College made those last four words the keynote of its annual report.  We are proud today to welcome your return, seventy years following your graduation, and are honored to present you this Distinguished Service Citation as a token of our appreciation for the respect you have brought Beloit College.