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Barbara Roth

Class of 1937

Awarded in 1982

You credit the late Professor Paul Boutwell with providing the spark that led to your successful career as a medical chemist by not only teaching you the excitement of organic and biological chemistry but also introducing you to bacteriology. Two widely separated but closely related experience highlight your work – the first in 1947 when you were part of a team that developed the anti-cancer agent methotrexate and the second during your current research to destroy bacteria without harming its host. As a group leader the past dozen years at Burroughs Wellcome Company, you head an international unit seeking to understand certain chemical phenomena and design better inhibitors. A prominent leader in the American Chemical Society and past national treasurer of Sigma Delta Epsilon women’s scientific fraternity, you also direct your energies toward the conservation of natural resources, serving as an Audubon Society chapter–founding president, bird club chairman and active participant in the New York Zoological Society and Sierra Club. It is with pleasure that Beloit College awards you this Citation in recognition of your valuable service to society.