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Arthur T. Johnson

Class of 1948

Awarded in  1998

Arthur T. Johnson, leader in education, tireless civic volunteer, and member of the extraordinary Fiftieth Reunion Class of 1948.  As one who has known many roles in your careen as an education – teacher, assistant principal, principal, chief administrator, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools in your native Rockford – you have set a pace that others strive to match in advocating for all youth.  Innovative programs are your trademark.  You have been a pioneer in establishing the “Benchmark” student evaluation program and in encouraging acceptance of the mainstreaming of students with special needs into traditional classrooms and activities. Throughout your exemplary career, you have been committed to enhancing the strong values of the community from which the schools draw sustenance.  The March of Dimes, the Rockford Professional Forum, the Winnebago County Council on Aging, the Rock River Chapter of the American Red Cross,  and the Civic League are only a few of the organizations that have benefitted and grown as a result of your leadership.

You have been frequently recognized for your significant achievements in education and civic life, and today, Beloit College is proud to add our recognition by awarding you the Alumni Association’s highest award, the Beloit College Distinguished Service Citation on the fiftieth anniversary of your graduation from Beloit