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Dr. Arthur J. Elman

elman_dscaward.jpgClass of 1966

Awarded in 2006
40th Reunion Award

As a dynamic leader of his community, of the medical profession, and of Beloit College, Dr. Arthur J. Elman has exercised an abiding concern for the preservation of the health of the body and the mind. As a Trustee and active representative of Beloit, he has helped to guide this institution’s future, both through his wise counsel and by his active effort to secure new friends and resources. He played a central role in the success of the Sesquicentennial Capital Campaign and has helped set the standards for the Classic. Daring. Life-Changing. comprehensive campaign now underway. His commitments to the College have reflected his diverse concerns and eclectic interests, from medicine and science to history and writing. The Writing Center at Beloit and the special visiting displays of historic science books from the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City used in a range of academic programs, were inspired by his interest and concerns for creating the right foundation for a liberal arts education. He has advanced the cause of effective foresight and clear thinking, and the ability to communicate ideas. He is committed to securing the past through his major interests in antiques, art, and the revitalization of the once critical centers of our communities; he is committed to securing our future through his leadership in the medical world and his dedication to the newest developments in the fields of oncology and women’s health. As he has become expert in the restoration and fine-tuning of historic timepieces to keep pace with the future, so too has he worked to set Beloit’s clock to a realistic and challenging time. The Beloit College Alumni Association is honored to recognize Art Elman on this, the fortieth anniversary of his graduation from Beloit, with its highest award, the Beloit College Alumni Association Distinguished Service Citation.