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Daniel J. Schroeder

Class of 1955

25th Reunion Award

Gifted teacher, noted astronomer, dedicated space scientist – you have brought distinction to your College and won the respect and admiration of your students and your professional colleagues.  After receiving a doctorate in physics from the University of Wisconsin, you returned to Beloit in 1960 as a member of the faculty.  A decade later, you were rewarded for your scholarly efforts and teaching skills by being named “Teacher of the Year.”  You also have gained recognition for your research in the areas of optics and astronomical instrumentation and as a consultant on instrument design for such major facilities as the Kitt Peak, Yerkes, Lick and Smithsonian Astrophysical observatories.  One of two telescopic scientists working on NASA’s Space Telescope, you continue the exciting quest for answers about the universe through a project which calls for the launching of a satellite into orbit above the earth’s atmosphere in late 1983.  Your work will help science obtain a clearer view of objects beyond our solar system, seek out other possible life forms, and monitor the rate at which galaxies are moving apart.  It is with special pride and appreciation that your Alma Mater awards you this Distinguished Service Citation as your class gathers for its 25th reunion.