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Fredarick L. Gobel

Class of 1956

Awarded in 2000
45th Reunion Award

Inspired by Beloit faculty members Biester, Bennigton, Palmer and White, Fred Gobel has committed his career and life to being on the leading edge of cardiac research and care.  Following his Beloit education and marriage to classmate Suzanne Carpenter, Dr. Gobel went on to the University of Wisconsin for his medical education.  He served in the U. S. Navy as a Marine Corps physician during the Berlin Crisis.  Returning to Minneapolis to complete his residency, he found his calling as a cardiac specialist.  His dedication has led him to participate in breakthrough surgery and treatments, including the first heart transplant at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in 1985, collaborating on the first artificial heart transplant in a woman in 1986, and on the youngest person to date in 1987.  In his continuing efforts to raise awareness and to support research, he became a founding member of the Minneapolis Heart Institute and Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, which is dedicated to cardiac research and education.  A fellow of the American College of Cardiology, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Education and Research Foundation and the Children’s Heart Fund among others.  Dr. Gobel has been a loyal supporter of Beloit College, having served as a class agent and as a presenter at the first Round Table discussion series held in 1998.

A devoted father, grandfather and active community contributor, he has enriched the lives of many.  As he has brought significant honor to this college by his dedication to the highest levels of professional accomplishment, the Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to honor him with its highest award, the Distinguished Service Citation, on the occasion of his 45th reunion.