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Marcus F. Franda

Class of 1959

40th Reunion Award

Marcus Franda provides a critical link between two generations of scholars and teachers. Influenced and guided by Beloit’s Bob Irrmann, Harry Davis, Milton Feder and Warner Mills, he developed from an uninspired first year student, whose major claim was to the title of Wisconsin State Typing Champion, to become one of the leading students in the last two years of his undergraduate career. A Woodrow Wilson Fellowship prepared him for graduate work at the University of Chicago and post doctoral study at Columbia. The year of his graduation, it was Professor of History L. T. Merrill who presided – with Professor Mills as best man – at Marc’s wedding to his classmate and lifelong collaborator, editor, and companion Vonnie Pedlow, who shares this 40th reunion with him. An exemplar of Beloit’s dedication to international learning, Marc Franda has lived in Asia for 19 years and has taught, led seminars, and administered programs dealing with nations throughout the world. Author and editor of 17 books and respected Asian political analyst, he has provided us with new insights into nations, issues, and figures playing a critical role in the economic and political framework of a changing world. As professor of government and politics and the University of Maryland, he has provided standards and direction for a new generation of scholars, shaped in the image of those giants of Beloit College who helped one young man “invent himself.” As he celebrates the 40th anniversary of his graduation, Beloit College is honored to present him with the Distinguished Service Citation.