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Membership Benefits

Beloit College Magazine

As a member of the Beloit College Alumni Association, you receive a free subscription to Beloit College Magazine. The magazine is published three times a year.

Want to be featured in the Class Notes section of Beloit College Magazine? Submit a class note to

Email us with news of a union, birth of a child, professional developments, travels, or anything you'd like your classmates to know. If you would like to include a photo with your submission, please be sure that the image meets the guidelines for photo publication. Please refer to the examples provided when submitting your note.

Beloit College reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and length. 

Email Announcements and News

In addition to the Alumni eNewsletter, you'll receive important college news bulletins, announcements, and messages. To ensure you're getting the latest news, update your record with your preferred email address. 

Beloiters Unites, Reunions, and College Events

As a part of the Beloit College community, you'll receive invitations to events in your region, such as the annual Beloiters Unite! and other college receptions. Alumni will also receive notices and invitations regarding class and affinity reunions, as well as other on-campus events, such as the Athletic Hall of Honor and retirement celebrations. To ensure you're getting the invitations that interest you, let us know what clubs and organizations you were involved in and who your favorite faculty members are in the notes section of the update your record form.

Want to plan a party?
To learn more about hosting a BRAG event in your region, click here. To volunteer to plan your upcoming class reunion, click here

Alumni Travel Program

Join Beloit College alumni, parents, and friends as we explore new terrain or visit favorite travel spots. With a focus ranging from education to adventure to sightseeing to volunteer work, Beloit's travel program invites you to climb aboard! 

Liberal Arts in Practice Center (Career Services)

It is a goal of the Liberal Arts in Practice Center to empower Beloit College students and alumni to develop skills and knowledge for successful lifelong career development, while addressing their diverse interests and backgrounds and promoting experiential learning. 

Transcript Requests

Requests for transcripts must be presented in writing to the registrar, giving notice of at least one week. For all off campus students and alumni please print, fill out and mail this form to the Registrar's Office with the appropriate fee. 

Alumni Email Address

Beloit College offers a Beloit College branded Google account to all alumni. To request an account, please fill out our email request form. Your request will be sent to Alumni Affairs to verify your relationship with the College. Upon approval from Alumni Affairs, an account will be established with your last name followed by your first initial, middle initial, or a number (if necessary) to be unique. The email address will be

Already have one? Log in to check your Beloit College alumni account.

To learn more about Google Apps for Education, go here:

Alumni Dell Discount

Save on Dell products, just for being an alumna/us of Beloit College! 

Turtle Creek Bookstore

The Beloit College Bookstore now has an online store where you can purchase Beloit gear and gifts! Sign up to receive discounts and sale news by email. 

Campus Space Rentals

As a member of the Beloit community, you can reserve campus facilities for your meetings, weddings, and events. Reserve the guest house apartments when visiting campus to be conveniently located in the heart of campus.