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Meet Melanie Hodge'62

Alumni Board Member
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What is your current occupation?
I am a retired college and high school English and History teacher.

What was your major and how has that played out into your life today?
I was an English and History major at Beloit and became a teacher in those disciplines.

Tell us your favorite Beloit memory.

My favorite Beloit memory is walking through the MI Arch during one of the first days of spring, and finding history professor Robert Irrmann's office window wide open, leaning on his window sill and having a lovely visit.

What is your favorite alumni event?
My favorite alumni event was my 50th reunion.

Why do you support Beloit College?
I support Beloit College because of the quality of education the college has continued to provide, and because of the direction and leadership of our current President.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Alumni Board?
As a member of the Alumni Board, I will encourage fellow alumni to visit the campus, to support the college, and to recruit talented students to apply to the college.

What do you consider your greatest achievement that Beloit has played a part in?
My greatest achievement was being recognized by Cornell University with the Merrill Outstanding Teacher Award.

Any advice you have for current students?
I would advise current students to take as many courses outside their major as they can to insure a rigorous and expansive academic experience, and to take advantage of off-campus and international study opportunities.