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Meet Jeffrey Jensen'82

Jeff Jensen'82Alumni Board Member
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What is your current occupation?
I am a criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I represent persons charged with serious crimes at both the trial court level and on appeal. 

What was your major and how has that played out into your life today?
My major was psychology. When I was at Beloit, there was an emphasis on cognitive psychology. We learned to collect data, to analyze it, and to then present, and to defend, our conclusions in a paper. This disciplined, convergent thinking was a solid foundation for writing persuastive legal briefs. A successful advocate must be able to quickly assemble seemingly divergent facts and law into a comprehensible point - and to then defend that point.

Tell us your favorite Beloit memory.
Sitting in the locker room at halftime of a basketball game against Grinnell College in January 1981, and having Coach Knapton tell us that Beloit College was ranked number one in the nation, NCAA Division III-and then getting to run back out onto the floor with the crowd going crazy. The education wasn't bad, either.

What is your favorite alumni event?
Homecoming/Reunion Weekend, of course.

What do you consider your greatest achievement that Beloit has played a part in?
I have been involved in some very high profile criminal trials. It is impossible to be an effective trial lawyer under such circumstances without unshakable self-confidence. At Beloit, many of my classes were small-group discussions that were being led by a professor who was prominent in his or her field.   As students, we quickly learned that, with preparation and confidence, it is possible to argue even with an expert (and not appear to be a complete idiot).

Why do you support Beloit College?
I support Beloit College because my life truly was changed by my time there. I firmly believe in the small college experience.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Alumni Board?
Find a way to help the alumni, if even for only one or two days a year, to relive the Beloit experience.

Any advice you have for current students?
Work hard every day, and trust that no hard work is ever wasted, even if the reward isn't immediate.