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Meet Jamey Brumfield'92

Jamey Brumfield'92

Alumni Board President
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What is your current occupation?
Creative Director (and co-owner) of a Web Design Company in Chicago, IL.

What was your major and how has that played out into your life today?
I double majored in Studio Art + Communications with a minor in Journalism.
This combination proved helpful daily in working with clients, designing layouts and programming websites.

Tell us your favorite Beloit memory.
It is a toss up between working on "Hey Sailor! Dorks on Parade" and creating the campus soap opera "Campbell's Soap".  Working with other students creating weekly cable access shows was such a learning experience.  Not to mention the super support from the campus staff and professors.  Great friendships, memories and inside jokes still live on today from these 2 projects!

What is your favorite alumni event?
Homecoming/Reunion weekend!  Love coming back to Beloit and seeing everyone!

What do you consider your greatest achievement that Beloit has played a part in?
Encouraging me to try anything, sharpening problem solving skills and learning how to work with all sorts of people has led me to starting a business in a new technology.  The company is 12 years old now!  Thanks Beloit!

Why do you support Beloit College?
I believe in what the college offers from academics to personal growth.  And on a selfish note, love coming back and seeing what students, professors and staff are up to - you just never know from year to year.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Alumni Board?
Assist the college in meeting its goals and keep the communication open between current students and alumni.

Any advice you have for current students?
Dream up something new!  Express yourself!  Explore!
Take a class, join a group or volunteer with a subject you haven't tried before.  Or create your own!