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Meet Bonnie Goldsborough'96

Bonnie Goldsborough'96Alumni Board Member
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What is your current occupation?
I am Director of Research and Portfolio Manager for the Marco Consulting Group, an investment consulting firm based in Chicago that specializes in advising pension plans on their investment strategies.

What was your major and how has that played out into your life today?
I double majored in Economics and International Relations and was two classes shy of an Anthropology major. The interplay between those three majors shaped my worldview in a profound way. A lot of what I do in my current career focuses on understanding global investor psychology, which is really a combination of those three disciplines. This is where I have really benefitted from the interdisciplinary approach that Beloit brings to the learning process. I never want to stop learning new things or exploring unchartered territory.

Tell us your favorite Beloit memory.
There are so many, but a fond memory of mine is the moment when Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in the 1992 presidential election the fall of my freshman year. There was a huge celebration in the basement of C-Haus and there really was a sense of optimism about our futures then -- and the direction of our country. It was a special moment. One other memory really sticks out for me toward the end of my time at Beloit. I came back from my junior year abroad and my friend Kirsten was raving about the "world wide web." She took me to the computer lab and showed me how to download photos of Brad Pitt and I was just mesmerized by the quality of the graphic user interface of the website, and how much technology had leaped forward in that one year. It seems pretty funny thinking back on that today, but I was really bowled over by the power of it all.

What is your favorite alumni event?
I am a big fan of the Beloit Econ Day in Chicago, which occurs every year. This event brings current Beloit economics majors to Chicago for a day to meet up with alumni to learn more about the practical application of the major. I always seem to run into new and interesting alumni at this event -- and see old friends as well!

What do you consider your greatest achievement that Beloit has played a part in?
Beloit College exposed me to people who love the outdoors. Some of my closest friends from Beloit have been with me on outdoors adventures from hiking in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand to climbing up to the heights of Huayana Picchu, Peru. If it wasn't for this exposure and these experiences, I would have never have had the interest, inclination, or courage to commit to my summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2007.

Why do you support Beloit College?
I support Beloit College because I believe in the importance of a liberal arts education in shaping the future leaders of the world. Our graduates not only go on to achieve amazing things, but they become more interesting individuals as a result of their exposure to Beloit's multidisciplinary approach to education and to life.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Alumni Board?
I hope to strengthen relationships among alumni and to increase our college's visibility worldwide. We are a little gem of a college nestled among Native American effigy mounds. It is the most interesting location for a college in the entire world. We need to get the message out about how unique and amazing this place actually is - and I hope to do that through my work with the Board.