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Alumni Board

[Alumni Board of Directors]


The Board of Directors is the working arm of the Alumni Association of Beloit College. On an on-going basis, the Board of Directors:

  • works to encourage and foster alumni support of and involvement with the institution
  • arranges and presents the annual Alumni Assembly
  • plans and assists in the organization of alumni events
  • selects recipients of alumni awards and Distinguished Service Citations
  • stays informed about the activities and needs of the College

The Board of Directors meets two times per year on campus. Elected members are nominated by other alumni, class agents, class officers or are self-nominated. To nominate someone for the Board of Directors, contact Jeff Jensen, president of the board.


Meet the members below (click on the photo for a full bio):

[Todd Hansen'89]

Todd Hansen'89
Oak Park, IL

[Aaron Bauhs]

Vice President
Aaron Bauhs'05
New York New York

[Jeff Jensen'82]

Immediate Past President
Jeffrey Jensen'82

Wauwatosa, WI

[Donna Niesman'68] 

Donna Niesman'68
Wheaton, IL

[Andy Boryczka]

Andy Boryczka'98
Middleton, WI

[Jill Braden]

Jill Braden'76
Raleigh, NC

 [Jeff Braden]

Jeff Braden'76
Raleigh, NC

[Jennifer Burdick]

Jennifer Burdick'66
Baltimore, MD

[Melanie Hodge]

Melanie Donovan Hodge'62
Fort Collins, CO

[Curtis Hubbard]

Curtis Hubbard'91
Louisville, CO


[David McDonald] 

David McDonald'86
De Forest, WI


[Lori Rhoades]

Lori Rhoades'11
Chicago, IL



(picture not available)
Brooks Riendl'99
Seattle, WA


[Tom Shanabruch]

Tom Shanabruch'00
Chicago, IL

[Tori Key]

Tori Key'03
Washington, D.C.


[David Matthews]

David Matthews'71
Chicago, IL



[Duncan Rotch]

 Duncan Rotch'92
Portland, OR


[Lena Neal'68]

Lena Neal'68
Naperville, IL





[Laura Grube] 

Faculty Representative
Laura Grube'08