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Beloit Career Network

Beloit Career Network

The Beloit Career Network (BCN) is an opportunity for current Beloit College students and Beloit College alumni and other supporters of the college to connect and engage with each other through their shared academic and professional pursuits.

The Beloit Career Network is supported by the shared work of the Liberal Arts in Practice Center and Alumni-Parent Relations. The mentoring connections are facilitated by the web-based Liberal Arts in Practice Toolbox. Mentors join the network and indicate the number, frequency, and type of potential connections. Then, students and other alumni in need of mentoring search the current network through the Liberal Arts in Practice Toolbox and invite connections through email.

Additional information regarding the BCN, and our expectations of both the mentors and mentees can be found here

If you are currently a member of the BCN, you can update your profile here.

If you are alumnus(a), and would like to be a part of the BCN, please contact the Liberal Arts in Practice Center at We will work with you to set up your BCN account.