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Transfer Resources

Transfer students have questions and concerns that differ from those of first year applicants. That’s why we have a counselor that works specifically with transfers. Please contact Erin Guth, our transfer admissions counselor, with any questions. You can reach her at 608-363-2500 or

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is a transfer student?
A transfer student is any applicant who has completed secondary school and enrolled in a postsecondary institution. Even if you have not yet earned many college credits, you still must apply as a transfer student and submit transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended. 
I was accepted to Beloit last year and chose another college. Can I still attend Beloit?
Beloit offers a Reapplication Process for students who have applied within the last two admission cycles. Most recommendations and supporting documents previously submitted can be used for your new application. After your Reapplication Form is received, we will contact you about the remaining items needed to complete your file and notify you about our admission decision.
I'm interested in taking courses at Beloit as a non-degree students.  Is this possible? 
Non-degree students are eligible to register for Beloit courses as a Special Student. Registration for classes is granted on a space-available basis after degree-seeking students have selected their courses. All non-degree seeking students should complete the Special Student Application.
Does Beloit offer summer courses?
We do not offer a traditional summer term, but do offer unique opportunities to live and learn on campus as part of two different residential programs: our Center for Language Studies Summer Languages Program, and Beloit Blocks, three-week intensive blocks focused on one topic and taught by Beloit College faculty.
How many of my credits will transfer?
Beloit College will accept up to 15 units (60 semester hours) of liberal arts credit to be applied toward the Beloit degree. You must have earned a grade of “C” or better for the credit to transfer. Most liberal arts classes are accepted for transfer credit, provided the class is of the level and nature offered here. Admitted transfer applicants will receive a preliminary credit evaluation with their admission packet or shortly thereafter.
How is a unit of credit different from credit hours?
One Beloit College unit is equivalent to 4.0 semester credit hours or 6.0 quarter hours. A one-unit course is expected to involve a minimum of 12.0 total hours of student work per week. Courses that are meeting less than this number of hours a week or requiring less outside work may be assigned a fraction of a unit of credit, e.g., 0.75 units=3.0 semester credit hours.
What will my class standing be when I arrive at Beloit?
Degree-seeking undergraduate students who matriculate at Beloit College are classified as first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Class standing is determined by the number of units earned: First-year - fewer than 7 units; Sophomore - 7 to 14.999 units; Junior - 15 to 22.999 units; Senior - 23 or more units.
What if all of my courses aren't included on the credit evaluation?
It could be that a course you took did not meet our standards for transfer credit, or we may need more information, i.e., the course description or syllabus.
How many courses can I take at a time at Beloit?
A normal course load at Beloit is 4.0 units.  To be considered full-time, you must register for a minimum of 3.0 units. Students can register for a maximum of 4.75 units prior to the start of a semester.
Where can I find Beloit's graduation requirements?
Your transfer credit evaluation will include a graduation guidelines checklist. Some of your college/university courses may be transferable toward Beloit College graduation requirements, and will be highlighted on your credit evaluation. Some requirements are non-transferable and must be completed at Beloit.
I'm ready to become a Beloiter! What's next?
You will find all of your next steps at From this page, you can pay your enrollment deposit, complete housing and health forms, schedule a campus visit, etc.
Is there a transfer student orientation?
Students enrolling with fewer than 7 Beloit College units of transfer credit will participate in a First-Year Initiatives seminar as part of orientation and their first semester on campus. Transfer students with more than 7 units of Beloit College credit will participate in the Transfer Seminar during New Student Days only.
When do I register for classes?
Class registration will take place when you arrive on campus for orientation. During New Student Days, transfer students are assigned a faculty advisor for general advice and support. As soon as you declare a major, you will be reassigned to a faculty advisor within your department(s).
Is housing available for transfer students?
Yes. As a residential college, 93% of our enrolled students live in campus housing in a variety of residence halls, special interest houses, and apartments. Beloit College expects on-campus residency for nearly all of our students through their junior year (non-traditional students are a recognized exception to this policy).