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International Application Requirements

Application Requirements

Note: It is our expectation that students apply online through the Common Application or Universal College Application and submit materials through their application, however, we will accept any or all of your supporting materials online, by mail, or scanned and sent in PDF format to

Optional Application Components

Academic records, national examinations, university transcript and university course descriptions

Official or attested copies of your secondary school academic records and any corresponding national or provincial exam results are required. Students should include grades or marks from the past three years of secondary school, in addition to any results, predicted or otherwise, from your final year of secondary/high school if applicable. 

Academic records and university transcripts must comply with all of the following conditions to be considered official documentation for your academic record.

  • All academic records and examinations must be in English and submitted through the application or directly to Beloit College by the school, examination board, or certified translator. Original non-translated documentations should also be included (if applicable).
  • Transcripts must have an original and legible seal or stamp of the school that issued the document. Electronic copies must be submitted in a PDF format in color.
  • If you have taken an external examination (O-levels, A-levels, IGCSE, HSC, ISC, IB exams, AP etc.), the organization administering the examination must certify your exam results. If only one original copy of your records is issued, you may send a certified photocopy of the original documentation.

Proof of English Proficiency

Non-native English speakers must demonstrate their English proficiency. Click here to learn more about Beloit’s English proficiency requirements.

Financial Support Documentation

All applicants must show proof of financial support toward their education as part of the application.  Completion of one of the following forms and submission of supporting financial documentation (i.e., bank statement, sponsor letter) is required.

Beloit College values a vibrant international community and awards generous merit-based scholarships to its international applicants.  The average student financial award is approximately half of Beloit’s tuition fees. You can find the direct and indirect fee structure here

Once your application has been processed (usually 24-48 hours after the application was submitted), you will receive login information to CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS ONLINE. This page allows you to monitor the supporting application materials as they are received by Beloit and see when your application file becomes complete for review.