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What does the Admissions Committee look for?

Because we aim to get a complete picture of who you are as a person—not just as a prospective student—we look at both the quantitative and qualitative components demonstrated in your application. In other words, we want you to thrive at Beloit inside and outside of the classroom. So while we'll look closely at your grades and academic history, we'll also consider other important factors like your leadership abilities and unique talents. 

We look for students who have done well in a strong college preparatory program, and who have demonstrated academically that they could be successful at Beloit. Our average student is an A-/B+ student; however, we do not require a minimum GPA for admission because we're more interested in looking at your overall academic transcript—what courses you've taken, and whether you've improved, declined, or stayed consistent. Beloit is also test-optional. If you feel that your test scores reflect well on your abilities, then go ahead and send them. If not, no need to send them in. 

Next, we look at your essay. We look at more than just the mechanics of your writing; we thoughtfully consider the story you've chosen to tell us about yourself, and what you're passionate about. Then, we look at everyone else: what extracurricular activities you've been involved with, your recommendations, and test scores (if you choose to send them). You do not need to be president of 27 clubs your senior year in order to impress us, but we are looking for students who we think will come here and get involved on our campus and in our community. 

Most of all, we encourage you to get to know us because we want Beloit to be a good fit for you. If you have questions about applying, we encourage you to get in touch with your admissions counselor.