Early College Credit

Expand your course options.

Steps to Take

  1. Learn more about the Early College Credit Program (ECCP) on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.
  2. Talk with your high school counselor to see if the ECCP would be a good fit for you. Your counselor can consider how the class aligns with academic plans and evaluate whether you meet the prerequisites for taking a college-level class.
  3. Obtain an ECCP participation form from your high school counselor or from the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities website .
  4. Research course options in Beloit College’s course catalog and review the course schedule to find eligible courses before submitting the participation form to your school district. Contact the ECC Admissions Counselor if you have questions about which courses are appropriate.
  5. Submit your completed form to your school officials by March 1 for summer/fall semester courses or October 1 for spring semester.
  6. Forward your school-approved application with a copy of your official high school transcript to Beloit College Admissions, 700 College St. Beloit, WI 53511. Preferred deadlines are May 1 for fall semester, and November 1 for spring semester.
  7. After your application has been received by Beloit College, you will receive an email asking you to complete your Early College Credit Application. The process involves some additional demographic information and submitting a high school transcript.

Admission Criteria

Applicants to the Early College Credit program must demonstrate the ability to succeed in college-level courses at Beloit College, and have met the necessary course prerequisites. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Class year, and rank, if available
  • GPA

  • Rigor of high school courses and level of study in college prep subjects

  • SAT, ACT, AP, or IB scores, if available

  • Academic standing and disciplinary record

Students admitted to the ECC program at Beloit College will be offered an opportunity to register for the approved course, but enrollment is contingent upon space available in the course. Non-degree students register just before the start of the semester at Beloit College, after all degree-seeking students have completed registration. We cannot guarantee that a seat will be available or that a class will be offered at a time that aligns with your schedule.

ECC students may only take classes approved for non-degree students and are not eligible for courses such as private music lessons, special projects, Initiatives program seminars, summer courses, and study abroad.

Beloit College students typically enroll in four courses per semester, with three classes considered full-time enrollment. Due to the demands of high school and Beloit College classes, ECC students should only plan to take one course in their first semester of the program. With demonstrated success, students may be approved for more than one course in a semester.

Contact the Early College Credit Coordinator

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