Beloit College Fellows

Our students arrive at Beloit College full of curiosity and ideas. For those who have already identified a passion, Beloit has created a series of invitation-only programs that allow you to deepen and expand your knowledge while accessing multiple extracurricular opportunities.

Geology Professor Jay Zambito discusses types of rock to a student in geology class. Built on the college’s academic foundation, Beloit offers five Fellows communities: Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship, Human Rights & Social Justice, Global Impact, and STEM.

Incoming students who have demonstrated significant accomplishments or promise in these subject areas through their application — including coursework, essays, portfolios, community involvement, recommendations, and interviews — are invited to join the Fellows program.

When you become a Fellow, you will be connected with faculty and fellow students who share that same affinity — your people, so to speak— even before you step on campus. You will join in student-driven activities, clubs, workshops, meetings, and one-on-one faculty mentoring.

As a Fellow, you decide how you want to take advantage of the opportunities, and there’s no need to major in the subject of interest.

Communicate, collaborate, and create — be a Beloit Fellow.

Fellows Programs

How to become a Beloit College Fellow

Beloit College applicants are automatically considered for nomination to the Beloit College Fellows program during the application review process. However, we take your interest and preference into consideration, so if you’re excited about a particular Fellows program, please let us know.

I’d like to be a Beloit College Fellow

When your admissions counselor reads your application and considers nominating you for a Fellows program, they’ll be looking for both demonstrated experience and accomplishments as well as goals and aspirations for future work. Evidence can be found throughout the application — in coursework, essays, portfolios, community involvement, recommendations, and interviews — and Fellows will be nominated for a variety of reasons. If your application accurately captures your accomplishments and passions, it will also capture your fit for a Fellows program.

Many applicants to Beloit might be interested in multiple Fellows programs. A writer interested in social justice could be a fit in the Creative Writing or Human Rights & Social Justice Fellows, or a scientist interested in technology that combats climate change could be a good match for both the STEM and Global Impact Fellows. Students may only participate in one Fellows program, so please let us know which one you’re most excited about.

If you have questions about the Beloit College Fellows programs, please contact your admissions counselor.

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