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Practice the liberal arts at Beloit–and beyond.

Meaningful Interactions

A 2015 Gallup-Purdue report found that graduates' odds of being engaged at work and having an overall sense of well-being more than doubled if they had meaningful interactions with professors and had applied classroom learning to real-world problems. When Beloit's class of 2019 was polled, 99% of seniors agreed that a "professor and staff person made them excited about learning" and 85% had a "mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams."

What is the value of a Beloit liberal arts degree?

Our 172+yr liberal arts tradition has always been relevant because our curriculum teaches students to think critically and communicate effectively. In today's ever-faster-changing world, employers are looking for individuals like Beloiters: people who embrace curiosity, creativity, and complexity. We prepare our graduates to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, put information into context, lead others from diverse backgrounds, communicate clearly, and make persuasive arguments.

Our one-of-a-kind educational environment fosters the growth of these in-demand skills because from day one of classes, we encourage students to put theory into practice, and then use that practice to reshape theory. Every single department at Beloit expects students to participate in hands-on learning experiences, in order to bolster the concepts they've been learning inside the classroom with real-world interactions and scenarios. Our Liberal Arts in Practice Center helps connect students with internships, fieldwork, and job shadowing opportunities; our faculty and staff often approach students and ask them to co-author a scholarly paper; and our Office of International Education helps students plan domestic or international study abroad experiences that align with students' professional and personal learning objectives. (Click here to read about just a small sampling of the remarkable things Beloiters have been up to on campus, in the community, and around the world.)

Our entire campus works together to support students' growth, and our small class sizes allow for highly personalized attention that naturally fosters authentic mentoring relationships between faculty and students.

Simply put? At Beloit, students don't just build transcripts; they craft strong résumés and acquire lifelong, relevant skills. Now that's a well-made investment: investing in your potential to be remarkable.