Who we are:

Tim Miles, Controller/Director of Accounting, 608-363-2205,

Stacey Corder, Senior Accountant, 608-363-2061,

Caryn Davis, Financial Analyst, 608-363-2214,

Sharon Denu, Student Loan Coordinator, 608-363-2207,

Jenny Eggen, Accountant II, 608-363-2239,

Deb Sperry, Accounts Payable Coordinator, 608-363-2206,

Who to contact if you have a question:

If you have questions about: Contact
The account balance or transaction details in a general ledger account. Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Accounts payable - This includes all payments to vendors and reimbursement checks. Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206
Cash advances or short term loans against a student account Sharon Denu at 608-363-2207 
Cash reimbursements for expenses Cashier at 608-363-2224
Cashier services Cashier at 608-363-2224
Copier supplies - toner and paper Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Credit cards issued to college employees or departments Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206
Event payments - payments to performers, sound system rental, etc. Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206
Grant accounts Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Honorarium or stipend payments - for non-employees only. If the person is an employee or student, any honorarium or stipend payments must be processed by the payroll department. Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206
Journal entries Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Meal plans Residential Life Office at 608-363-2350
Payroll The Payroll Department at 608-363-2298
Purchase order numbers Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Purchasing equipment or furniture Caryn Davis at 608-363-2214
Requisitions Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206 
Repayment of Beloit College student loans (Haven, Berry, Strong, etc.) Sharon Denu at 608-363-2207
Repayment of Perkins loans and other non-Beloit College student loans Sharon Denu at 608-363-2207
Student tuition accounts Sharon Denu at 608-363-2207
Travel expense reports Deb Sperry at 608-363-2206