Planning a Presentation

For presenters

What format may the sessions take?

The Symposium formats for participation are usually conference style presentations, poster presentations, or performances. Please reach out if you have questions.

Will the sessions be concurrent?

Yes, concurrent sessions will run throughout the day. (All classes, labs, and advising sessions are canceled so that students, faculty, and staff may attend.)

Will participation at Student Symposium appear on students’ transcripts?

Yes, as with the Beloit and Beyond Conference, students will receive a transcript notation for presenting at Student Symposium.

For sponsors

What is the role of faculty and staff who nominate/sponsor students?

Those of you who nominate students should encourage them to submit their abstracts as soon as possible, so we have a good sense of who plans to participate. You will also need to read the abstracts to ensure they are clear, concise, and coherent.

This may entail meeting with the student to make any necessary edits before your approval deadline. These abstracts will appear in the conference program along with your name as the sponsor.

Finally, please discuss with your student(s) what makes a good, engaging presentation and the importance of practicing beforehand.

Who will notify students of their nominations?

Symposium staff will send an email notifying students of their nominations, but please follow up with them to encourage them to participate and start working on their abstracts.

Where do I submit nominations?

Submit a nomination

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