Getting Started

Begin your health career journey at Beloit.

Prospective students

A student asks explains a result in a cell biology lab session. If you’re not a Beloit student yet and are interested in the possibilities that joining the School of Health Sciences offers, start with one of the following steps.

Current students

If you’re a newly enrolled Beloiter interested in a career in health:

  1. Talk to your AMP advisor to plan your trajectory.
  2. Register for a Pre-Health Advisor, and come to Pre-Health Advising and career prep events on campus.
  3. Tell your Pre-Health Advisor your intent to enroll in the School of Health Sciences, the career pathways you’re interested in, and a list of courses you’ve already taken.

Choosing courses to prepare for health professions

Professional schools accept students with degrees in any major, as long as they have taken the proper pre-requisite health sciences courses. At Beloit, you will take the following six biology and chemistry courses in your first three to four semesters to prepare you for your health professions career, no matter what your major or interests are:

  • Introductory Biology (BIOL 110: Human Biology or BIOL 111: Zoology or BIOL 152: Aquatic Biology)
  • Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 117)
  • Intermediate Biology (BIOL 208: Microbiology or BIOL 256: Human Anatomy or BIOL 237: Cell Biology or BIOL 215: Emerging Diseases)
  • Biological Statistics (BIOL 247: Biometrics)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 230, fall semesters)
  • Intermediate-level Chemistry (CHEM 235: Organic Chemistry II or CHEM 260: Nutrition and Metabolism, spring semesters)

You’ll work with a Pre-Health Advisor throughout your Beloit education to select courses that fit your individual professional goals.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, or any other healthcare field, Beloit offers the additional recommended and required courses that will make you an attractive candidate for top-tier professional schools.

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