School of Health Sciences

The world needs more compassionate, global-minded, empathetic health professionals — like you.

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School of Health Sciences

Success requires great preparation

Joining the School of Health Sciences will prepare you for success in a multitude of health professions, including nursing, physical therapy, medical research, and public health.

A comprehensive curriculum

Your courses will combine rigorous science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) training with a comprehensive liberal arts education in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

You’ll focus on interdisciplinary teamwork, ethics and empathy, and lifelong learning — skills that are in high demand at medical schools, hospitals, practices, and clinics and in healthcare careers across the country and the world.

You’ll still be able to play a sport, get involved in clubs and organizations, and study abroad, fully immersing yourself in the college experience.

Professor Rachel Bergstrom leads a cell biology lab session.

Mentors are everywhere

You’ll receive individualized mentorship from your AMP advisors, your Pre-Health Advisors, and Career Works. And you’ll find countless opportunities to build your network through community-based volunteering, internships, and job shadowing (like Beloit Health System, the Rock County Health Department, and Community Action), and alumni engagement.

In the School of Health Sciences, you’ll learn to harness your whole college experience to advance your career goals.

It’s all connected.

Pathways to Medicine

Pathways to Medicine

Successful careers in medicine, research, and public health are not uncommon among Beloit College graduates. 

Louise Claussen’24 aspires to focus in public policy in law school after graduation.

Exploring public health law

Louise Claussen’24 explored public policy through a health lens at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs through the Junior Summer Institute. She found that

Maddie Moser’23

An eye opening experience in a public health clinic

Maddie Moser’23 prepared for a healthcare career through a summer internship at a free and charitable clinic.  


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