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Start planning out your college journey in the School of Business.

In Brief

Year 1: Build a foundation

Quin Brunner'21, one of the Boathouse founders, signs students up before they hit the water. Welcome to the School of Business! In addition to starting your academic journey, your first-year courses through the Advanced Mentoring Program (AMP) are where you meet your peers, get to know faculty, and learn about all the opportunities at the School of Business and Beloit College.

Career Works offers AMP Connect Sessions and Career Accelerators on topics ranging from building your strengths, creating your first resume, picking a major, and more. These sessions offer you the opportunity to plan out your first few semesters and in doing so, gain some professional skills right from the start.

Get involved. Take advantage of the co-curricular opportunities, including Investment Club, Marketing Club, Women in Economics and Business club, MakerLab, Beloit Mixed Media, Buccaneer Boathouse, and other clubs and organizations.

Year 2: Focus your interest and start your professional network

Business Networking Summit Feb 2024 Business Networking Summit Feb 2024 Declare your major with the Business School. Choose from Business Management, Economics, and Quantitative Economics. Select your academic advisor and develop an academic plan that serves both your passion and your career interests.

Complement your major with minors, such as Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, or Sport Management. Try some Coursera mini-certifications in Marketing & Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Project Management, Sales, Logistics, and more.

Develop an individualized career plan with a career advisor and be assigned a career coach who’s an industry professional. Receive personalized feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Start building your professional network. As part of your coursework, you’ll learn how to do an informational interview and be matched with an alumni in a field of your choice.

Year 3: Gain experiences and expand your professional network

Gjergj Ndoci'20 found his internship through the Engaging the World of Work Class, taught by Carol Wickersham and Jessica Fox-W... Seek real-world experiences and internships. Leverage Impact Beloit’s Community Connections and Alumni Connections, and apply for an internship through the Community Fellowship Program or the Concierge Internship Program.

Attend the Business School’s annual Business Networking Summit in February in Chicago, at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Connect with alumni industry professionals, expand your network, and in the process, learn about internship opportunities.

Spring semester junior year is the most popular and recommended time to study off campus or abroad. Popular off-campus domestic programs for Business School’s students include a semester in Washington, DC at the American University and “Intern Philly” (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). For overseas study, consider programs at universities in the UK, Belgium, and Australia.

Year 4: Leverage your network + tell your story → launch

Beloit College students spend a day in Chicago at the annual Econ Day learning and networking with alumni about business opportunities. Leverage the professional network that you worked so hard to build in the previous three years. Connect with people in your network to get job referrals and help with resumes and cover letters, or do mock interviews in preparation for job applications.

Graduates of the Business School secure employment in a variety of fields. Most popular are finance, consulting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and data/business analytics. The median early-career annual salary for graduates is $85,000 (based on 2023 career outcomes survey) with recent placements at JP Morgan Chase, Ziegler Capital, Group One Trading, Deloitte Consulting, NERA Consulting, and others.

Through the Upton Forum, learn to think big to become a visionary business leader. As part of the senior capstone, engage with and get feedback on your senior projects from the Upton Scholar - a leading thinker in the field of economics and business (see the list of scholars, including three Nobel Memorial Prize Winners).

President Eric Boynton talking with alumni and student at Business Networking Summit 2024 President Eric Boynton talking with alumni and student at Business Networking Summit 2024

 Example academic plans

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