Getting Started

Begin your career in economics, business, or entrepreneurship at Beloit.

Unlike a business school at a big university, there is no separate application process for the business school at Beloit College.

Just apply to Beloit College, and once you are on campus, your business education can start right away.

Prospective students

Business Networking Summit Feb 2024 Business Networking Summit Feb 2024 If you’re not a Beloit student yet and are interested in the possibilities that joining the School of Business offers, start with one of the following steps.

Current Beloit students

If you’re a newly enrolled Beloiter interested in a career in business, economics, or entrepreneurship:

  • Get connected:
    • Email Ms. Jennifer Kodl ( and ask to be added to the School’s email list to receive announcements about events and workshops sponsored by the business school, and to learn about internship/job opportunities related to business and entrepreneurship.
    • Contact Professor Diep Phan (, director of the business school, with any questions.
  • Sign up for ECON 199 (Principles of Economics), the first course in the school’s early requirements, then meet with your professor to talk about majors and minors offered by the business school, and business careers.
  • Explore potential Career Paths to get some idea of where you could take your academic pursuits and career interests.
  • Start working with an advisor by declaring a major or minor offered by the business school. Declaration cards are available from the Registrar’s office in Pearsons Hall.  Bring this card to Professor Bob Elder (in Campbell Hall) to get it signed. Once processed, you will be assigned an academic advisor and a career coach.

Professor Diep Phan and student Fatumata Kaba'24 at Business Networking Summit Feb 2024 Professor Diep Phan (left) and her advisee Fatumata Kaba'24 at Business Networking Summit Feb 2024

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