Faculty & Staff

Our experts, your future mentors.


  • Bob Elder

    Full Professor, Department Chair

    Sports Management, Sports Analytics, Economics, Actuarial Science
  • Laura Grube

    Associate Professor

    Business Management, Market Research, Economics
  • Greg Casey Hanrahan

    Visiting Professor of Sport Management

    Greg Hanrahan
  • Matt Laszlo


    Marketing, Market Research, Sports Management
  • Tim Leslie

    Vice President, Career & Professional Development
    Executive Director of Impact Beloit

    Business Management, Leadership
    Welcome, Tim Leslie!
  • Brian Morello

    Clinical Professor and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB)

  • Diep Phan

    Professor of Economics and Business;
    Director of the School of Business;
    Chair of the Data Science & Data Analytics Program

    Finance, Marketing, Actuarial Science
    Diep at Econ Day 2024
  • Disha Shende

    Assistant Professor of Economics

    Business Analytics, Economics
    Disha Shende
  • Kevin S. Smith

    Assistant Professor of Economics

    Business Analytics, Finance, Economics
    Kevin Smith
  • Charles Westerberg

    Professor of Sociology

    Sports Management
    Charles Westerberg
  • George Williams

    Professor of Art
    Coleman Foundation Endowed Chair for Entrepreneurship
    Coordinator Menards Center for the Study of Institutions and Innovation

    George Williams, Jr. Studio Art


  • Jennifer Kodl

    Academic Program Coordinator of Economics & Sociology and Event Coordinator & Managing Editor of the Miller Upton Programs

    J. Kodl
  • Susan Rowe

    Program Coordinator, CELEB;
    Co-Coordinator, Business & Entrepreneurship Career Channel

    Susan Rowe, CELEB Program Coordinator

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