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School of Business

We will help you stand out

Beloit College’s undergraduate School of Business combines an interdisciplinary business curriculum with personalized career services to set you apart in the labor market and prepare you to enter the world of business or to launch startups.

An interdisciplinary and humanistic business curriculum

You will take core courses in business, economics, leadership, and entrepreneurship to acquire business knowledge and technical and specialized skills, on top of foundational problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills that Beloit College’s liberal arts education offers. You’ll also take multi-disciplinary courses in the social and natural science and arts and humanities, helping you develop humanistic management and life skills that technology cannot replace.

Your learning won’t just take place in the classroom. You also will learn through experiences in local and global businesses and organizations. Internships, clubs, and community involvement are a crucial part of your educational journey at Beloit.

You will learn to combine business and humanistic principles to be a more compassionate, well-rounded, and effective business leader and entrepreneur.

A student speaks to the room in the middle of an economics class.

Excellent personalized career services

You will go through a four-year developmental model of career preparation designed specifically to prepare you for a career in business and entrepreneurship, and be assigned a career coach from the moment you declare a major or minor with the school.

You will be connected to the school’s network of thousands of successful alumni in the world of business and entrepreneurship, where you will find career mentors and get help in exploring professional career options and finding jobs and internships or in launching startups.

Eye Opening, Fruitful Education
School of Business News

Eye Opening, Fruitful Education

During his college search, Sahil Rizal’22 prioritized intellectual challenge and a small campus where it would be easy to meet people. Beloit not only fit these criteria, but gave him multiple opportunities to gain career-readiness skills.

Jalen Ponder’24 shares ideas with e-Fest patron and Best Buy founder, Dick Schulze.

Beloiters take third place in national entrepreneur competition

Entrepreneurs Jalen Ponder’24 and Lane Wilson’26 shine at e-Fest event.  

The Rock River Dinners: Eric Seo, Joshua Laue, Sydney Felhofer, Aleksander Mytko

Beloiters win Make48 challenge, head to national competition

The Rock River Dinners team of Eric Seo’25, Sydney Felhofer’24, Joshua Laue’25, and Aleksander Mytko’25 won first place in the Make48 Beloit challenge for their prototype X-Barrage.


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