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Russian Studies

The Russian Studies minor is no longer available to students entering as of Fall 2020.

Explore the complex nature of Russia and its people.

Requirements (6 units)

  1. Russian Studies 250 and Russian 105.
  2. One unit from History 200, 205, or 210 (iffocus is on Russia).
  3. One unit from Russian 250, 255, or 260.
  4. Students must complete 2 units of electives from the list below or any course not already elected from above:
    1. Economics 209
    2. History 210 (appropriate topic)
    3. Russian Studies 270
    4. Any Russian language courses, 110 or above.
    5. Other courses, such as interdisciplinary studies courses, special projects, and appropriate study-abroad courses may substitute for electives with the consent of the Russian studies advisor.

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