Students: Learning Remotely

Ensuring you’re able to complete your courses.

At times, it becomes necessary for courses to take place remotely.  This can be a challenge to adjust to, especially for those who only have experience with traditional, in-person courses.

These resources are here to help you prepare to continue to do the great work you’ve always done.  Likewise, Beloit’s faculty and staff are always available to help and are completely committed to your your success.

Getting Started

  1. Monitor your Beloit email for communications from your professor(s) about how your course(s) will operate remotely.  If you cannot access your Beloit email, contact your professor(s) as soon as possible from an alternative email address.
  2. If you lack regular access to technology or the internet, tell your professor(s) as soon as possible.  Email Library & Information Technology Services at for assistance.
  3. If you are unavailable at the regular time your course(s) meet, tell your professor(s) as soon as possible.  This helps professor(s) know that they need to pursue options that do not require all to meet at the same time.
  4. Please have patience with your professor(s). Teaching remotely may be as new for them as learning remotely is for you.

Updated Resources

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