Staff: Working Remotely

Working off-site in support of Beloit.

At times, it is necessary for college staff to work remotely for extended periods of time.  This can be difficult to adjust to, especially balancing with other demands for your time at home.

These resources are here to help you start and continue to work remotely.  Likewise, your supervisor, office, and campus are all available to help and make sure you have the flexibility and equipment to do your work effectively.

Getting Started

  1. Have a discussion with your supervisor regarding your situation and how that may affect your ability to work remotely.  In particular, consider any tasks you do which can only be done on campus and how best to handle them in your absence.
  2. Determine what  technology and equipment you may need to work remotely.  If you need additional technology, email Library & Information Technology Services at for assistance.
  3. Establish a regular work space and routine, if possible.  
  4. Keep in contact with your supervisor and office.  If you need support, ask for it.

Updated Resources

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