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Faculty: Teaching Remotely

Helping your students succeed at a distance.

Beloit faculty are taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by moving to teach at a distance for the spring semester. We’re committed to offering our students a great Beloit education, that includes class instruction, mentoring, and advising, even when we are not in the same physical spaces.

The resources in this web group can help you transition your course(s) to this new physically-distant environment. Campus resources that you can use to help your students succeed. including academic tutoring, LEADS, the Writing Center and the Library, are also available.  

Getting Started

  1. Determine how your course will operate as a remote course.  Keep your focus on the goals of the course and the learning outcomes for students.  It is likely that more than simply how you communicate with your students will need to change.
  2. Communicate with your students as soon as possible.  Tell them how the course will continue moving forward.  Listen for anything that you may need to adjust to account to students’ limitations and needs.
  3. Remain flexible and creative.  No single solution is going to work for every course. And no single solution may work best for every instructional activity in a course.
  4. Please have patience for your students; needing to learning remotely is likely as new for them as teaching remotely is for you.

Updated Resources

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