After Beloit

A Beloit College education prepares students, including Psychology majors for a wide variety of careers and post-graduate educational programs.

Our graduates are lawyers, professional comedians, graduate students, therapists, school psychologists, research assistants, college professors, and more. 

Maura ’15

“Beloit prepared me well for the master’s program in Dance/Movement therapy in the sense that I was able to directly deepen my knowledge of BOTH the majors I had studied at Beloit and learn more about how these two fields influence each other. I truly believe, had I gone to an undergrad institution where it was not so easy to double major (AND study abroad AND be involved in extracurriculars), it would have taken me much longer to discover a field that I love. Beloit provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in multiple areas of study at one time, which led me to discover how interconnected all of my interests really were.”

Hana ’14

“My Psychology major granted me a wide breadth of knowledge about the human condition, research experiences that will provide me a solid foundation to build on as I enter graduate school, strong letters of recommendation, and the opportunity to attend the Midwestern Psychological Association conference, where I was exposed to the thrill of a building buzzing with curiosity and discovery. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the faculty were with me, and all Psychology students, every step of the way. I cannot emphasize enough how supportive, patient, and encouraging every professor was throughout my undergraduate career and beyond.”


100+ Years of Psychology at Beloit College and Beyond

In today’s world, psychology continues to play a pivotal role in addressing social issues and social change. Here are selected highlights and publications in a developing field and at Beloit College.

Emily Eagle and Antariksh show the power of networking, having stayed connected after a chance meeting at the Buccaneer Boathouse in 2022.

Alumni gather around tech, ethics, and the liberal arts

During a Beloiter Days event, alumni, parents, and students talked about the connections between an education at Beloit and working in the tech field.  

Aaron Joiner’12

Belonging Here

At UC Berkeley, Aaron Joiner’12 is doing important research on the protein structures implicated in two neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS. His commitment to that work and to helping younger scientists of color feel at home in his field attracted a major honor from Beloit last fall.

Sabrina Sanchez’17

Looking Upstream to Understand Disparities in Health Outcomes

Sabrina Sanchez’17 is pursuing graduate studies to better understand and fix the structural factors that result in health outcome disparities.  

Hannah Yee’19, Favi Ramirez’20, and Jack Collins’21 are all pursuing master of public health degrees at the University of Minnesota.

Three alumni enter public health programs in the Twin Cities

Hannah Yee’19, Favi Ramirez’20, and Jack Collins’21 first met in the Beloit Public Health Initiative (BPHI), a campus group that provides health-related resources to the Beloit community. They encouraged each other to get master of public health degrees, and now they’re together at the University of Minnesota.

Marlena Fraune’13 headshot

Freeing You from Unrewarding Tasks

Can technology improve the quality of human lives in ways we haven’t yet considered? Learn with psychologist Marlene Fraune’13.  

Jolene Goeden’94

Keep Trying, Think Critically, and Practice What You are Learning

First-generation college student Jolene Goeden’94 came to Beloit interested in the law and psychology. She graduated equipped to study forensic psychology and is now a FBI Special Agent.   


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