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After Beloit

A Beloit College education prepares students, including Psychology majors for a wide variety of careers and post-graduate educational programs.

Our graduates are lawyers, professional comedians, graduate students, therapists, school psychologists, research assistants, college professors, and more. 

Maura ’15

“Beloit prepared me well for the master’s program in Dance/Movement therapy in the sense that I was able to directly deepen my knowledge of BOTH the majors I had studied at Beloit and learn more about how these two fields influence each other. I truly believe, had I gone to an undergrad institution where it was not so easy to double major (AND study abroad AND be involved in extracurriculars), it would have taken me much longer to discover a field that I love. Beloit provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in multiple areas of study at one time, which led me to discover how interconnected all of my interests really were.”

Hana ’14

“My Psychology major granted me a wide breadth of knowledge about the human condition, research experiences that will provide me a solid foundation to build on as I enter graduate school, strong letters of recommendation, and the opportunity to attend the Midwestern Psychological Association conference, where I was exposed to the thrill of a building buzzing with curiosity and discovery. Also, and perhaps more importantly, the faculty were with me, and all Psychology students, every step of the way. I cannot emphasize enough how supportive, patient, and encouraging every professor was throughout my undergraduate career and beyond.”

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